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In Situ Cable Insulation Test Set  TYPE 1012




The cable insulation tester is designed to safely test the insulation resistance of installed cables. It provides a variable test voltage and measures the leakage current whilst the cable screen is at earth potential. It contains a rechargeable battery for portable use and its own built-in charger enables continuous operation when a mains supply is available. High value resistors and leakage current of other components can also be measured



Test Voltage

Range 1                                   +100V to +316V.         Continuously adjustable.

Range 2                                   +300V to +1000V.       Continuously adjustable.

Voltage Indicator                    Analogue Meter

Current Measurement

14 Ranges                               1.00x10-12 Full Scale to 3.16x10-6 Full Scale.

Current Indicator                    Analogue Meter.

Test Cable Connector                        HN

Battery Charger Connector    IEC      

Battery Charger Voltage        85-265V 50Hz nominal.

Dimensions (Overall)             Height (excluding feet)           Width              Depth

                                                120mm                                    350mm            250mm

Weight                                    5kg.

Accessories Supplied             Battery Charger Lead (2m); Instruction Manual

Unit Price                                           4150.00GBP