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Current to Frequency Amplifier

Type CEI2F



Input connector                                               N

Input impedance                                             1MΩ//1000pF

Input current range                                        2x10-15A – 2x10-5A

HT connector                                                     HN

HT Supply                                                            +2kV (very low noise)

HT Monitor                                                         HT÷1000

AC Mains                                                             External Filtered IEC 85/264v 10 Watt PSU,

                                                                                supplying 15V 0.7A via 2 pole connector.

Output signal connector                               12 pole Weld Electronics LMG (Mating connector supplied)

Output signal                                                     2μSec pulse, 5V into 170Ω from 170Ω sources.

Output signal range                                        Two simultaneous pulse trains, 1Hz – 100KHz

                                                                                to cover lower and higher input current range.

Temperature Error Flag                                 +5v – OK. 0v – Fault.

Temperature deviation monitor                0V ±50mV for correct head temperature.

Environment                                                      -10°C to +45°C, 20 – 95% RH non-condensing.

Mounting                                                            Wall Brackets provided.

Dimensions (overall)                                      365wx215hx225 deep, including brackets, but excluding connectors.

Weight                                                                 4.3 kg.

Unit Price                                                           call