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2.5   Outputs

EXT METER:              For remote indication or more accurate reading of current:

                                  Output resistance: 100W max

                                  Scaling: ±1.0V for internal meter indication of: ±1.0 on 1.2 FSD range

                                                                                                      ±3.16 on 4.0 FSD range

VE POTENTIAL:          Enables voltage across load to be measured when in 'Generate' mode.

                                  Output resistance: 50W max

                                  Scaling: Unity


2.6   Over-Ranging

Measure Mode                        1.2 FSD  range  -  beyond  4.0  with  external indicator

(full batteries)              4.0 FSD range - beyond 12.0 with external indicator

                                  No over-ranging is guaranteed on the 12x10-3A range


2.7   Overload Capability at Signal Connector

50V dc or RMS sinusoid on 4x10-3A and 12x10-3A ranges (for indefinite period)

250V dc or RMS sinusoid on all other ranges (for indefinite period)



2.8   Capacitance Permitted at Signal Connector

Generate Mode:          Unlimited

Measure Mode:           0 - 15nF




3.1 Batteries                             Rechargeable Lead Acid.


3.2 Integral Charger                 Voltage: 90V to 264V ac

                                                Phases: 1 phase and neutral

                                                Frequency: 47Hz to 63Hz

                                                Current: 1A max

                                                Connector: IEC                                     


3.3 Dimensions                         Height 146mm (5¾")

                                                Width  430mm (17")

                                         Depth  254mm (10")


3.4 Weight (inc. batteries)          7.5kg


3.5 Accessories Supplied         Four 2mm plugs; one instruction manual; one UK Mains lead


4. Unit Price                            Please call


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