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The ramp generator provides linear voltage ramps with three switch selectable rates having maximum settings of 19.99, 199.9 and 1999 mV/sec. A 10-turn potentiometer monitored by a 3.1 digit DPM enables intermediate settings from 5% off full scale to full scale to be obtained. The output, whose amplitude is monitored by a front panel centre zero moving coil meter, can swing ±10V. It may be started at -10V, 0V or +10V as desired. Ramp direction automatically reverses when the output attains full scale. Two front panel push buttons enable the user to reverse the direction at any time in the cycle. A reset switch stops the ramp and sets the output to the pre-set starting voltage. When this switch is set to the GO position, an auxiliary output is available to initiate the timer. The unit is housed in a 2U (31") high 19" rack chassis and required 100V to 255V ac mains. Alternatively the unit is available in portable form when it is fitted with a rechargeable battery and ac mains powered internal battery charger.


For units operated under normal laboratory conditions they will be expected to be still within their specification limits after 12 months. A re-calibration at 12 month intervals is recommended so that any small drifts can be trimmed out and assurance given that the performance will be satisfactory for a further 12 month period. Units, which are subject to “on-site” treatment, should be recalled at 6-month intervals or immediately after any violent mistreatment (e.g. drop or float test).


Output                 Coarse                                  Switch selectable 19.99, 199.9 and 1999mV/sec.

                                Fine                                       10 turn potentiometer 5% - 100% of full scale.

                                Rate Indicator                   3 ½ digit DPM.

                                Accuracy                              ±1% of range ±1 digit.

                                Amplitude                           10V into 1kΩ

                                Amplitude Monitor         Centre zero moving coil meter.

                                Connector                           BNC Coax.

Control                 Reset/Pause/Go              Three-position switch.

                                Start Volts                           Three position switch, +10V/0V/-10V

                                Direction                              Two switch push buttons

Timer                    Start                                      BNC 0V = GO, -ve otherwise.


Power                   Mains                                    100V - 255V, 50 - 400Hz, 20VA max.         

Dimensions                                                        2U (31") high, 19" rack mounting              

Weight                                                                 3.5kg

The rack mounted unit has OUTPUT and TIMER connectors duplicated on the rear panel.

Price                    3165.00GBP