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Products - Full Range

Cooknell Electronics produce a range of "standard" instruments alongside custom builds, development and sub-contract operations. We can also customise aspects of our "standards" depending on your requirements and feasibility.

1010 EHT Floating voltage source to 1kV
CA7/c Charge Amp for transducers
CE1012 Dual PSU and Ammeter
CEI2F Voltage to Frequency converter
CPA60 Pulse Head Amplifier
CP3-IC Half-Life Demonstrator for schools
CP10A Picoammeter
CP13 Picoammeter
CRG3 Ramp Generator
CRM15 Radiation Monitor
DLP7 Pulse Generator
DLP8 Twin version of DLP7
ITU Interference Test Unit
MILL CHUTE DCL Level Meter for the sugar industry
NA4 Noise Analyser
SIMPLEX AIO RF Transmitter for sugar industry
SIMPLEX BOX RF Transmitter for sugar industry
SU3/c PSU for CA7/C
Type 10 Low voltage (10V) version of 1010

Things to note

  • If you don't see quite what you want, ask! Many of our products can be customised to suit. 
  • We can also produce cabling and cable assemblies, for our instruments or to your order.       
  • We can offer a design service to find the solution you want.                                        
  • We can design, prototype and do low-volume build.
  • We have over 100 man years of experience, that can be harnessed for your project.