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SU3/C Power Supply for CA7/c



The SU3 power supply unit has been specifically designed for use with the CA7 charge amplifier.
The SU3/CA7 combination has been introduced to replace the SU2/CA6 system.
The SU3 features separate supply & output connections instead of the phantom fed arrangement of the SU2/C, this allows for improved output impedance matching resulting in better signal transfer.
The system bias voltage has been increased to 200V in line with many modern transducer requirements.


Mains Supply
       Voltage 110/220V ± 10%, selection via an internal switch.

        Frequency 48 - 65Hz.

Connector rear panel mounted IEC fixed plug.

Power Consumption       12VA max.

Mains Protection
        Rear panel mounted fuse holder fitted with 20mm, 150mA anti-surge fuse.

Conducted EMC Emissions
        Conforms to EN55022 Class B specification.

        2 off separate filtered outputs each comprising ± 24V, 0V & an adjustable bias voltage  of 0 - 200V.
        Outputs are available on the front panel via two 4 pole, size O, series B LEMO sockets.  The bias level is set using individual potentiometers with 10 turn dials on the front panel. The bias voltage can be switched to “Standby” by a front panel mounted toggle switch. When in standby mode with the bias control set to maximum the bias voltage will be around 20V.
A red LED on the front panel indicates when the bias voltage is switched on.

Dimensions & Weight
        W x D x H 160mm x 145mm x 115mm
        Weight:- 1.2kg.

Unit Price 690.00 GBP

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