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 Type 10 floating EHT


The Type 10 Floating Low Voltage Supply is primarily intended to facilitate laboratory leakage current measurements of screened cable with the sheath at earth potential in conjunction with a Picoammeter (whose case, together with associated recorder outputs etc),is also at earth potential) measuring insulation resistance up to 1015Ω.

A front panel switch is provided to enable the Lo terminal to be connected to CASE when the instrument becomes a conventional low voltage supply unit. The voltage is set by a 0 - 10V 10-turn potentiometer. A digital panel meter indicates the voltage appearing across the output terminals.


SPECIFICATIONS (At 20oC except where otherwise stated)


Temperature                          5ºC to 40ºC

Relative Humidity                  80% max up to 31ºC decreasing linearly to 50% at 40ºC

EMC                                       EN 61326-1:2006

Over-voltage Category          II

Pollution Degree                    2

Charger Supply

Voltage                                   90V to 264V ac

Phases                                   1 phase and neutral

Frequency                              47Hz to 63Hz

Current                                   1A max

Fuse                                       T1A HBC (Littlefuse 215 001.P)

A standard IEC mains lead with moulded plug (supplied) is required for connection to the Mains. If the mains lead becomes damaged, it must be replaced with a safety approved cable assembly. An example of a suitable British cable is Volex X-285626A. Inadequately rated or unapproved cables must not be used.

Output Voltage

Range                                    0V to 10V via ten turn control

Polarity                                   Switchable positive and negative

Output Current

Output Current                       5mA

Output resistance                   <5Ω

Short-circuit protection          Current limited